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M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle
Name: M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle
Affiliations: UNSC, RCA
First Appearance: In Good Faith
Last Appearance: Check Me Out
Status: Dead Battery
Armor Color(s): Greenish-Gray
Voice Actor: None

The M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle, more commonly known as The Elephant, is a piece of vehicular equipment developed by the UNSC. It serves as David and Nico's main source of transportation.


Though it is equipped with a machine gun turret, the vehicle is a piece of garbage. First and foremost, it's probably the slowest vehicle to roam the deserts of Sandtrap, which wouldn't be very useful in a car chase. Second, the handling is terrible and very confusing to use, though David seems like he's got the hang of it. Lastly, the battery has a low lifetime, which proves inconvenient when you're going out into remote areas, far away from anywhere else.

With all of these cons, there is a pro. The armor on the exterior of the vehicle is stellar. No bullet is ever going to pass through the hard plating, protecting whoever's inside.


Prior to the events of the series, The Elephant was manufactured by the engineers at the UNSC, then sent to the RCA for traveling purposes. It was loaned to David Redfield and Nico Hemingway on their mission to Bona Fide.

David and NicoEdit


Straume attempting to repair The Elephant.

The Elephant is first seen when David is waiting for Nico to finish urinating. He is standing on top of one of its beams, looking at the temples in Sandtrap. It is driven over to Bona Fide, where it sits, with the battery accidentally turned on.


In episode 2 after the appearance of Straume, he gives David the news that The Elephant's dead. Later on, he tries repairing the problem by replacing some engine parts with the compatible alien vehicle components.


  • There is no confirmed reason why its nickname is "The Elephant", though it may just refer to the size of the vehicle.