Bona Fide: Video Diaries
Title Card
Engine(s) Halo 3
Genre Comedy
Running time 1-3 min. (Average)
Created by Kydthekid
Voices Kydthekid, oo7nightfire, Jack HF
Release(s) June 25, 2013 –
Format(s) QuickTime, Flash Player, Windows Media Player
No. of episodes 1
The Bona Fide: Video Diaries (also known as Video Diaries) is a spin-off machinima series created by Falling War Productions. The series is filmed in "vlog" format and exploits Bona Fide's main characters' thoughts through video.





Episode 1 - David//RantingEdit

David discovers a webcam and shares his thoughts with the viewer about Nico and Straume.


  • There is no set amount of episodes that are to be aired.

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